Our Challenge will keep going on with Heart & Passion

Since company foundation, active branding and stable technology development turned into around 80 companies of dealer network in the worldwide, without doubt, KOMAC has grown as a global brand offering best Function and Quality with our various line up of construction equipments such as Hydraulic breakers, attachments and generators, to the valuable customers.

  • Best Function and Quality from our various line up of products.
  • Best Service from our well-trained employees.

Meeting above conditions, today, KOMAC is a global company offering satisfied products and integrated services that help international dealers/retailers, partners, OEMs and end users expand their reach, reduce costs, grow market share, and differentiate from competitors.

Top Brand Power

Vivid Corporate Culture

Rich Community

All of our employees will continue to realize our 2020 vision with well-prepared attitude and resolution as below:

  • We will jump up to be the top brand compact type heavy equipment company in the world in 2020.
  • We will establish a corporate culture full of living and vivid sensitivity.
  • We will participate in constructing a fertile world society by making a company prospering with customers.

All the enlargements of the company’s business activities could be possible from the efforts of our employees, partners, and international dealers who have been sided with KOMAC until now.
As the world’s leading hydraulic breaker manufacturing company, many related companies know they can rely on KOMAC as a partner to help them drive revenues, improve profitability, optimize performance, and enhance their customers’ satisfaction.
Value, quality, innovation, outstanding customer service and high ethical standards... these are our commitments to our customers. If given the pleasure and honour of serving you as a customer, KOMAC will work extraordinarily hard to gain your trust and confidence.

Thanks to all of our employees, partners and customers for contributing to our success.
Best Regards,

Korea Machine Co., Ltd.